Air compressor buying guide

Buy an air compressor is a great idea because they are great available for use. This tool can be used for air nail guns, pressure cleaners, spray guns, air wrenches and other tools that you can own. The first thing you need to consider before buying an air compressor is the kind of work you can use it for and what type of air tools will be used as well. You will definitely want to get a compressor give you enough air power, since the one that does not meet the standards of air tools, you will be using with the compressor end does not work properly.


Air compressors are rated on horsepower, pressure and CFM (cubic feet per minute of output at a certain pressure tank). Before you buy an air compressor, you should find out how much stuff your air-page (s) required, so you can buy one of the minimum requirements. No need to buy a huge machine, if a little will do the job.

There are three main types / sizes of air compressors available based on the strength and the job you need it for.

Compact Compressor: This is the small air compressor and is the most portable. A compact compressor differs in that it has no tanks. They “run” continuously to provide air. The perfect tool for the tool you can use around the house, such as glue guns, small guns or used to inflate soccer balls or baskets and even powering tire.

Single phase compressor: The compressor will compress air to store in a tank with a piston. Single phase system usually on smaller compressors are priced below 150 pounds of pressure per square inch (psi). This amount of PSI should be quite adequate for home use.

Two stage compressor: The air compressor to store air compressors with two pistons. The first job is to compress air piston and push it through a check valve piston goes to the latter. Then, the compressed air piston Monday more and storing it in tanks. two compressor weighs this stage gives you great power. Most people use these machines for the job that needs a supply of air continuously for a longer period.

Other things to consider when buying an air compressor is the energy source will be available and maintenance requirements of the tool. If you have an electrical outlet near your work site, you may want to go with an electric compressor. For work remotely, you may want to buy a gas-powered compressor. As for regular maintenance, keep in mind that if you buy a compressor lubricant, you will need to change the oil regularly to keep it in good working form.

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