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Air compressors come in two distinct forms, those that are lubricated with oil and those that are oil-free. Air compressors lubricated with oil are more commonly used in industrial settings such as an auto shop, where they are left running for extended periods. The oil lubrication prevents the machines from overheating.

There are all sorts of reasons that you may need the air compressor reviews. Air compressors can be used on a small-scale basis, like for inflating bicycle tires, or they can be used for large-scale purposes, like for delivering a power source to your machinery and machine shop. These large-scale air compressor uses will probably need to take advantage of the air compressor oil that many people in the industry use for their compressors.

Using air compressor oil will not only increase the efficiency of the air compressor being used, but it will also lengthen the life of the air compressor that you are using.


How to Know When it Need Oil?

The air compressor’s oil becomes thick and black, making it less efficient as a lubricant. If left unchanged, old oil can result in the air compressor overheating and becoming permanently damaged. Changing the oil on a regular schedule is the best way to maintain the air compressor.

Determine the date on which the air compressor’s oil was last changed. Locate the sight glass or dipstick that measures the amount of oil in the air compressor. Observe the amount of oil in the air compressor through the sight glass or by lifting out its dipstick.

Compare the amount of oil seen on the sight glass or dipstick with the volume recommended in the air compressor’s manual. If the machine contains less oil than is recommended by the manual, it needs more oil.

Estimate the number of hours the air compressor has been turned on and running since the date of its last oil change. If it has been running for 300 or more hours, then it needs new oil. If you rarely use the air compressor and do not know how many hours it has been operated since its last oil change, you should replace the oil at least once a year.

Purpose of Air Compressor Oil

Many people do not realize the value that air compressor oil can have on the air compressor itself, but there are many benefits that one can have by using oil in their compressor. First, the main purpose of air compressor oil is for lubrication. When the air compressor oil is added to the compressor system, the oil’s job is to use a splash-lubrication technique that will lubricate the bearings and cylinder of the machine. An oil bath is given to the compressor so that it operates more efficiently than a simple air compressor would operate.

What Type of Air Compressor Oil to Use

Even though air compressor oil may be a mystery to many people, the oil that is used for air compressors is basically no different than regular motor oil, even though many people say that there’s a difference. Nevertheless, though, there are a couple different types of air compressor oils that can be purchased.

Synthetic oils can be bought if you want an increased performance, but regular air compressor oil includes the 20W/ISO68 air compressor pump oil, as well as the 30W/ISO100 air compressor oil. These two oils are among the most frequently used for air compressors. All in all, though, using air compressor oil in your system is a good idea not only to have a better air compressor, but also to increase the work capacity that your air compressor will perform.

Finally, I would wish to bring up something that should not be common practice but it has its purpose. You can put a straight up normal motor oil, even detergent oil, into your compressor. I mean, there are valid reasons you should not do that, but do not be fearful to apply it if need arises. If you absolutely have to utilize your compressor and you are out of non-detergent oil, you can pour in any regular oil (even hi-detergent one) into it and continue working. People were doing just that for years and years and no serious damage has come out of it. You can go to for more tips about air compressor.

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