How to Maintain Industrial Air Compressor

Maintenance is an important thing for best air compressor and the other industrial instruments. If you didn’t keep it in perfect healthy without giving proper maintenance. You need to pay a huge amount to buy a new one for your industry. So, don’t worry. We are here to help you to keep your air compressor in proper condition by giving proper maintenance for it with the help of this article.


What does your business want out of your air compressor?

  1. To deliver air reliably
  2. To run with efficiency
  3. To last a long time
  4. To deliver with relatively low maintenance cost

And there may be more considerations like component futures. Are the components at the end of their life phase and new technologies are right around the corner. It is something to be considered, but you cannot always control this due to time constraints. It is consideration because you would like to avoid having your motor control electronics become obsolete a year after you purchase a new unit.

Another consideration would be proper sizing with room for expansion or capacity to accommodate future needs. The adage that “more is always better than not enough” is true about equipment in general. Allowing extra capacity will increase the longevity of a compressor by allowing it to run at a lighter duty relieving some wear and tear.

Compressor manufacturers have performance curves that show the optimum run conditions where the unit attains its highest efficiency for the dollar as well as optimum longevity of the equipment. It is very important to pay attention to these curves and configure your system to deliver in these optimum zones, adding another compressor in order to keep the units running within prescribed parameters is a consideration.

Looks Complicated

Most compressors these days have driven control systems that meter motor speed to only deliver what is needed. These units can be programmed and linked to follow each other and run a balanced program for efficiency and longevity. They can run in a master slave configuration or alternating lead-follow regimen.

There are actually a lot of different ways to make compressed air. Reciprocating (piston type), rotary vane (sliding seals in an eccentric housing), roots blower ( rotating lobe), dual screw, but they all have one thing in common, very tight tolerances.


There are careful decisions to be made where you have to evaluate the recommendations of the manufacturer, engineers, and other professionals related to compressors. Undersized systems do not provide cost effective efficiency or longevity. Oversized system may be much more expense than you need to spend and also may be running outside the optimum efficiencies.

We can do it, Right?

I make it sound like air compressor maintenance is totally beyond the scope of the maintenance department. There are departments with qualified personnel that can handle precision machine maintenance down to internal repair, but this has been very rare in my experience and generally only one person who had the kind of training required in the department. If you build a program around the highly technical end of compressor maintenance and over time your personnel change, you may end up in a situation where people who really have no businesses working on your equipment in that capacity are trying to accomplish highly technical repairs with guesswork, not well.

What’s New and Is It Better?

It comes back to the original question, what does your business want out of your air compressor? This question is more complicated than just delivering air and reliability when you take into account the other points I have described. I had mentioned vibration analysis before and wanted to add a note.

Machine Blood

Lastly is lubrication and all that needs to be said here is follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If there is a choice between synthetic or petroleum based lubricants I opt for synthetic as the performance is usually much better. Synthetic is usually expensive, but the longevity of the lubricant is usually much longer. Again this is a call that should be made through manufacture recommendations and specific requirements of your factory, like food grade only.


These are the main points to be leaned to keep your air compressor properly for long time by giving proper maintenance as follows. Keep your knowledge always good, knowledge is the best power that can manage you to success. Our aim is to help you. So, you can trust us.

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