The Stanley TR250 Plus Sharpshooter Heavy-Duty Staple/Brad Nail Gun is a great tool to have in your toolbox if you’re ready to do some DIY jobs around the house, or if you are ready to go stapler bigger and put to work on a regular basis. Regardless of what you use the staple gun, you can be sure you will receive ongoing support from major players run this gun without a break constantly and waiting for the pain in your hands you leave.

Overall, Stanley TR250 Sharpshooter rifle designed a handy and powerful. This makes it easy to use even for long periods of time. Holding a gun inside of government is mainly rubber, so you can maintain a firm grasp at all times without slipping when your hands become sweaty. In addition to the strong grip, the entire body of the gun is made of aluminum which is not only lightweight but also very reliable. The handle of this gun is advertised as a “low stroke” process and by reading the reviews of different clients, you can easily see how true this is. This is because you do not need to press and tire your arms after a handful of staples down.

Stanley TR250 Sharpshooter has a certain advantage compared with other similar tools in different ways. One of the great advantages is that a gun was designed, you will not risk piercing the cable you need to tack on a wall. The front area of the engine with the thumb wheel, helping to prevent the kind of accident from happening. You can see where the principal will go down into the material and you will be faced with the danger of crushing wire with key products themselves, especially if you work in retail locations.

Driving power of the main TR250 gun can be adjusted with the help of a simple notch. The area behind the gun conversion feature and it has two settings: Hi and Lo, so you can turn anything to notch set that you intend to use for the next project. However, it still should give staple gun a little test before you proceed to work with the settings for the rest of the project.

¼, 3/8 and ½ inch staples is what you need for the Stanley TR250 Sharpshooter and you can easily switch between them if your project requires a smaller or larger type of staples . The magazine can only hold 100 staples, unfortunately, but at least it had a window so you can easily see how many staples remain inside and break will come as How soon. challenging projects should not make you afraid if you have this gun in your hand, though you should know that sometimes, strange penetration angle can require you to use both hands on the trigger key driver down. Do not have too many disadvantages to this gun and when you have a look at its price, you will understand the quality ratio is very good.

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